Become a Partner

Become a Partner

Step 1: Listening to Your Needs
Our initial discussions are essential so that we can fully understand the specific factors to be considered when designing a properly suited solution. The first details that you will be asked for are:
  • The number of mobile employees
  • Your employees’ countries of residence worldwide
  • The country in which your international care plan will be set up
  • Existing Healthcare solutions
  • Your expectations in terms of benefits and services
  • Throughout the life of your policy, a single contact will support and advise you. This makes our relations simpler and guarantees you a customized approach.

Step 2: Recommendation and Design of the Offer

After having identified the Healthcare solutions that best suit your requirements via a precise benchmark of offers by the major insurers on the market, we will send you an official recommendation supported by justifications. This is specifically tailored to your needs as it takes into account in particular:

  • Your international employees’ geographic areas of residence
  • The medical expenses generally observed in all countries concerned
  • Your corporate culture and history in terms of employee benefit plans
  • A reverse schedule is drawn up to ensure compliance at each major step. Our flexibility and listening skills are assets recognized by our clients.

Step 3: Setting Up and Managing Your Healthcare Plans

Upon signature of the policy, we record all your employees and their families in our internal database and manage their healthcare coverage worldwide. Our claims departments, available 24/7, will listen and support them on a day-to-day basis.

To inform you clearly and effectively, a wide range of information and communication tools are available:

  • A welcome package including the personalized MEST MEDIFEMA ASSISTANCE Healthcare card,
  • Insured Member and Company practical guides,
  • Benefit summaries,
  • Secure Employer and Participant pages with many on-line services facilitating real-time monitoring of all healthcare formalities.

Step 4: Effective Monitoring of Your Healthcare Plans

  • Statistical analysis and reporting tools suited to your requirements are set up in order to optimize your cost control
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